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I spent 48 years caring about what people thought of me. I'm not spending the rest of my life caring about that anymore!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thankful Thursday

This year was absolutely fantastic in that my nieces from Vegas surprised us and came down and everything was peaceful and fun.  Something else I'm sure helped make the day a hit was my mental frame of mind. I wanted to have a great Christmas so I worked hard to ensure nothing would go wrong. I didn't let stressful, hurtful items flow through my mind. I didn't dwell on what I didn't have, who wasn't with me, or the amount of gifts that I was able to give. I only allowed myself to focus on what was happening right then, right there.  I knew I'd have the rest of the week to think about the negatives, and so far, except for my disappointing American Airlines episode (that's a new post), everything is just fine here. 

Here, are several reasons I'm thankful this Thursday:
1/3 of the Vegas troop

Another 1/3 of the Vegas troop

Budding artists

Watching the kids try out their new toys

The cousins three

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thankful Thursday

As of this writing, I'm still in the throes of the Christmas & New Years rush. In the surrounding chaos that will be my life these next two weeks, I'm reminding myself of what's really important: to find time to relax.  Here, some ways that helped me remember to slow my roll:

Quiet, rainy night in Phoenix

Rainy, cloudy days make me feel alive.

I thought the sky was going to open up and it did!

Each blurry shot taken on my iPhone during a quiet afternoon in Phoenix

Sunday, December 16, 2012

So This Is Christmas, And What Have We Done?

I was going to list the names of those killed in the Newton, CT massacre, but my heart won't allow it. I've not even looked at the faces because of how sad this whole thing is.

I understand firsthand -TWICE- how gun violence almost kills the families of the shooter and the victim. My prayers to the families who now have to piece together their lives without their baby.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

I've Checked My List...

I've made my list and I've checked it twice.
Santa, remember, this year I've been especially nice.
No please be a dear and hurry and get here.
With some things I really want for Christmas this year!

1) TwelveSouth BookBook  $99.99. Clearly one of the coolest ways to transport my MAC.

2) Dre Headphones $245. I'll be one of the coolest old ladies around town. And slightly def (pardon the play on words).

3) Dior Hypnotic Poison Fragrance set $150. Discovered this on a trip to Sardinia, Italy. Captivating, light scent that won't overpower my smile.

4)  Carol's Daughter body set $75.   It leaves my dry skin illuminated and glowing. The whisper scent of warm almonds is an added bonus.

5) MAC eye shadow in Kelly $25.   I'm thinking of trying something new for Christmas and New Year's celebrations, rather than my familiar and routine browns and golds.

6) Coach Specifically the Bleecker Legacy Leather weekend tote $653.  Or the Legacy tote in Navy. Or anything else from Coach you think I'd like Santa Baby.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

We're All In This Together

I was over at Dianne's place this morning, catching up on her posts and saw this latest post  and thought "How true!"

I don't know when or if mankind will ever understand that we need each other to survive. I don't mean in the 'humans as tools' sense of the phrase, just that we can't make it without each other.  

No man or woman is an island. Every now and then we need to touch someone else, we need to hear someone else speaking to US, and we need to know someone loves and cares for US.

Here's my challenge to you today: talk to someone, or let someone talk to you.  Go on, engage your elderly neighbour, chat up the school crossing guard while you wait for your children, ask someone how they're feeling.  

And if they respond to you, consider yourself lucky that they needed you right there, at that particular place in time.

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Home Alone

It's Sunday and I'm home alone. How did this happen?!

Sunday is historically the family's busiest day. We're up for breakfast, getting ready for church, after church dinner or shopping for something to cook for dinner, shopping in general then home to web surf and get ready for next week (clothes, catch up on work etc), you know the deal.

Well today, I'm home alone. Nothing or no one here but me, my Mac and David Benoit's holiday playlist on Pandora. Oh and I'm steeping a cuppa Harney & Sons peppermint tea.

While I continue my lazing around, wondering what to do with myself, here are some gratuitous pictures of my three nieces.  Something to make you smile!

Ma (She's the little face that's my blog's icon. Look how big she is now!)

D3.  Named after her great-grandmother and me.  She's destined to be spoiled rotten!

Ma & Pie this summer. They really get along well. Well in certain intervals, like when they're asleep.

Friday, December 07, 2012

Renewing Traditions

Last night, after a light dinner and another stop at the always tempting Papyrus in Kierland, I addressed approximately 68 Christmas cards.  I've not sent cards in a very long time, this is another demonstration that I'm healing emotionally in this regard and I'm very happy with my progress!  

What started out as a chore soon escalated into a fun event complete with sipping hot chocolate, listening to carols and reminiscing about previous Christmas celebrations.  There was one instance where I couldn't stop the tears, but it was short-lived and didn't ruin the evening.  I've learned that it's best to let those emotions flow, rather than hold on to them. 

If you don't receive a card from me, it's because I don't have your address:-)

Four different sets of cards. Each of the beautiful and sparkly!

The requisite cuppa hot chocolate complete with peppermint chips! Yummy!

Saturday, December 01, 2012

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

December 1st is upon us and I'm in the holiday spirit, even though temps remain in the 80's. I remember when, not so long ago, the holidays were depressing and I took no part in them. I completely closed myself off to everyone and everything related to Thanksgiving and Christmas because the pain of my personal loss was so great, so consuming that every peal of "Happy Holidays!" and "Merry Christmas!" created even more tears and only served to deepen the depression.

But today, right now, I can testify that time, patience, a praying family, a good therapist who prescribes physical rather than medicinal therapy and a strengthened belief that whatever betides, God will take care of me has helped to lift that weight of depression. 

There are those of you who are where I was five years ago. Let me encourage you my friends, if you just hang in there, it will get better.  Drop me a line or two if you need to hear it again.

In the meantime, here are pics from last night's outing to MY happiest place on earth - Kierland Commons. I took them with my iPhone, so forgive the quality.

In the courtyard, surrounded by brightly lit palm trees. Santa's workshop is close by. I asked him if he received my letter. He promised he's working on it. Yay! 

It was only 68 degrees. No sweater weather yet. Oh well, maybe the closer we get to Christmas it will cool down.

I will visit Kierland's more throughout the month. MY happiest place on earth.