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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thankful Thursday

This year was absolutely fantastic in that my nieces from Vegas surprised us and came down and everything was peaceful and fun.  Something else I'm sure helped make the day a hit was my mental frame of mind. I wanted to have a great Christmas so I worked hard to ensure nothing would go wrong. I didn't let stressful, hurtful items flow through my mind. I didn't dwell on what I didn't have, who wasn't with me, or the amount of gifts that I was able to give. I only allowed myself to focus on what was happening right then, right there.  I knew I'd have the rest of the week to think about the negatives, and so far, except for my disappointing American Airlines episode (that's a new post), everything is just fine here. 

Here, are several reasons I'm thankful this Thursday:
1/3 of the Vegas troop

Another 1/3 of the Vegas troop

Budding artists

Watching the kids try out their new toys

The cousins three


Blogger Jeni said...

And you've got yourself some beautiful reasons there for which to give thanks! The kids do make the Holiday season extra bright though, don't they? Thankfully, this year, I don't think Maya had a chance to count how many packages she had compared to how many Kurtis had and boy, that was one huge relief to not have to deal with that kind of whining!

January 03, 2013 12:46 AM  

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