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Saturday, December 01, 2012

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

December 1st is upon us and I'm in the holiday spirit, even though temps remain in the 80's. I remember when, not so long ago, the holidays were depressing and I took no part in them. I completely closed myself off to everyone and everything related to Thanksgiving and Christmas because the pain of my personal loss was so great, so consuming that every peal of "Happy Holidays!" and "Merry Christmas!" created even more tears and only served to deepen the depression.

But today, right now, I can testify that time, patience, a praying family, a good therapist who prescribes physical rather than medicinal therapy and a strengthened belief that whatever betides, God will take care of me has helped to lift that weight of depression. 

There are those of you who are where I was five years ago. Let me encourage you my friends, if you just hang in there, it will get better.  Drop me a line or two if you need to hear it again.

In the meantime, here are pics from last night's outing to MY happiest place on earth - Kierland Commons. I took them with my iPhone, so forgive the quality.

In the courtyard, surrounded by brightly lit palm trees. Santa's workshop is close by. I asked him if he received my letter. He promised he's working on it. Yay! 

It was only 68 degrees. No sweater weather yet. Oh well, maybe the closer we get to Christmas it will cool down.

I will visit Kierland's more throughout the month. MY happiest place on earth.


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