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Saturday, October 17, 2009

I've Been Here Before

This happens every year about this time; news reports early Winter-like weather in the Northern plains of the U.S, two inches to a foot of unexpected snow is likely to fall setting records, weathermen & women warn little witches and goblins and super heroes to wrap up while roaming the streets looking for treats because snowfall is expected early Halloween night.

I read each of these stories and wistfully wish our were something more like our Northern States, especially when I'm sitting in my bedroom with a room fan blowing and hearing the heartwarming and periodical sound of the a/c kick on to prevent my home's temperature from exceeding 80 degrees inside.

I've been here before. I've been doing this for a very long time and know to expect this but why then I still growl and grumble about the heat? I really think it's because of a couple of things:

-I really love winter clothes. Last year when we went to Boise for the Christmas vacation I went wild spending money on scarves, gloves, sweater sets, socks, shoes...things I know I won't be able to wear in Phoenix anytime, unless I'm planning on spending an entire evening outside-in blowing wind during a winter storm.

-the idea of snuggling around a blazing fireplace, drinking hot chocolate laced with mint, eating sticky popcorn balls and watching old movies while snow falls prettily is the tip of romance (to me). I must confess that I have occasionally organized a gathering at a late-open Starbucks where we sat outside people watching and enjoying our favourite hot drinks. And there is the relief of knowing the roads won't be icy on our way home, but still!

So this afternoon we sat outside in 103 heat drinking our iced drinks and watching the kids play with their friends. We groused about the heat and lamented about living in the desert while I sat there on my porch barefoot, watering the bougainvillea and mesquite plants, covertly wetting my niece in the process.

The weatherman says we can expect lower temperatures this week, we are expected to be a low as 92 by next weekend but our friends up North can expect more snow and near freezing temps. I should be jealous but I'm not. I'm going to download some Christmas music to my iPod and change my screen saver to a fireplace and make some hot chocolate. Maybe I'll wait on the hot chocolate, it's too hot for all that!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Four Days

Last month I took two days off of work to catch up with personal things that needed attention. I decided to do the same thing this month because last month I was able to wrap up a lot of things. This time though, I took the four days off just to relax, veg a bit and catch up on reading.
I mentioned on Facebook that for four days I:
-was not a mindless, colourless drone or cog working for the large faceless capitalist corporation
-was not going to care about other people's problems, it's all about me
-was going to eat anything I wanted (within reason)
-would go where I wanted when I wanted
Today was my first of four days and it went pretty well I think. Well it could have gone better if I had not slept most of the day away. Really.
First off I stayed up to 4am last night catching up on news and healthcare reform. This caused me to sleep 'til 9a and because I was feeling lethargic I returned to my warm/cool bed and dozed for another hour. Finally at 10 I felt okay to get up and start my day.
My sister surprised me with a breakfast of jalepeno bagels and chive cream cheese and more internet reading ensued. Which is code for napping just so you know:-)
That nap lasted six hours and here I am: up and wondering what to do that won't disturb the other residents of the house. I've some ideas:
-syncing my iPhone and iPod
-catching up the lastest issues of Vanity Fair and Economist
-folding clothes
-Twitter and FB