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Saturday, March 16, 2013

What? Me Relax? Yes I Am!

Been busy the last few weeks; Yearly performance reviews to prepare and deliver, actions to try to reduce New Hire attrition (so much to do with this), and just LIFE!  

Some of you understand the lengthy "to do" lists of tasks that must be completed before taking a two week vacation.  It's the same as when you're planning your personal vacation. The "to do" list grows and grows (stop the paper delivery and mail, make sure to clean the 'fridge of perishables etc). So in my case, make sure my folks understand what's expected of them while I'm out, and they understand who to contact because I'll be uncontactable (is this a word?) for two weeks. 

So here I am at the end of my first week of my two week staycation and I am proud to announce that I've done pretty much nothing on my vacation "to do" list. Aside from washing winter bed linen and winter wear, I've sat here in this house in quiet, doing pretty much nothing. And I don't feel bad about that:-)  As a matter of fact, this is my first time in a while that I've been relaxed enough to visit and update my blog. Right away I see spammers tried hitting my comments but couldn't get pass the authority levels - big SHOUT OUT to Blogger for handling this nuisance!

Now that I think about it, I did get out to meet with friends that I wouldn't normally see. Dinner with Kris, Marina's wedding, Maria's baby shower, tomorrow church and Appreciation Service for Mother King.

I believe by Monday I'll have enough staycation rest to get to some of the items on that list.  If only I can remember what I've done with it heehee. In the meantime, the following are examples of my most strenuous activity this week.  All done on my iPhone. Mostly done with my thumb.

We were at a Scottsdale park. These are palm trees dotted around a grassy golf course.

I saw a skirt made with this similar design and tried to copy it. The skirt flowed and had a sheer top with this print and had a black slip underneath. The lady wore a white top and blue sandals. She looked amazing!

My favourite time of the day - dusk when the sun has set and half of the sky is dark navy and the remaining sky is slowly turning dark purple to light pink. The little orange dots at the bottom are city lights that have turned on with the oncoming darkness.

Hope you've been having a great time where ever you are!


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