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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Weekend Gardeners

Last weekend my two nieces and I planted assorted flowers. I've had these flower pots sitting around for years, always planning on using them for something other than sitting, empty on my porch.

Last week, as I was commemorating on my Aunt Mary's passing, I remembered once sending her a letter that contained a packet of seeds. Aunt Mary loved gardening so I sent the packet of flowers and told them "to throw them out the back somewhere so that you'll always have a gift from me." Each time I went up to Wilder, I looked for that bushel of perennials and there they'd be, happily growing alongside whatever else Aunt Mary had planted.

So, my nieces Ma & Ali and I planted seeds.  It's important that you understand that I don't know the first thing about planting flowers.  I did successfully pass a botany class in college (with an A!), but that was more than 25 years ago.  As we were planting, I was wishing I had paid more attention to Momma and Aunt Mary as they planted.

The girls and I had fun filling every empty pot with soil and seeds. I only hope the flowers bloom. If and when they do, I'll post pics of them. In the meanwhile, here are some scenes from the planting session:
Ma (seated) & Ali, my weekend gardeners

One of the pots filled & used

I sure hope these things grow!


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