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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Right In Front Of Me

It's not the cost, it's how wide the ensuing smile

I'm not usually one to laugh at gifts given to me unless of course they're intended to make me laugh.

Most times, I bring flowers into the office for my desk. I read somewhere that doing this helps to lift spirits and allows pieces of serenity to overtake chaos in a normal day.  Flowers at my desk do indeed help create a calmness and peace, especially during difficult conversations or when I've become tired of looking at a blinking screen of never ending emails.

A few weeks ago, I stopped buying flowers just because I had gotten to busy to stop by the store to pick them up, having to find the vase etc. Well, while cleaning my desk drawers I came across this little gem my friend Laura had given me last May. It's this kitschy plastic solar-powered flower that wiggles and moves when exposed to strong light.  I remember how funny it was when she had given it to me so it now sits on my desk as a reminder both that I need to get fresh flowers, and to remember how I love to laugh, and how blessed I am to have people around me who want to see me laugh!

I hope you're somewhere laughing right now:-)


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