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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Nothing To Write About

A quiet day in the cactus patch today. Unless you count the multitude here for the Super Bowl, the Phoenix Open and the numerous stars, musicians and others here for the pre-Super bowl events.

Me? I'm just sitting here this afternoon wondering what to do to occupy my time. It's a toss up between washing dishes, vacuuming, finishing that Robert Parker mystery or putting a fresh coat of polish on my toesies. Rather than any of that, thought I'd see what the Bloggies have been up to and post about boredom.

My aunt Mary is in town from Boise for a few weeks for her annual visit. My estranged sister and her baby daughter are coming next week to see what's left of our relationship. Things have already become more tense because I felt the need to tell her not to expect a celebratory mood from each person and she threatened to cancel the visit because of my comments. If she knew what I really wanted to tell her she'd think twice about calling and visiting.

Eight years to be without any communication for your family is ridiculous to me! Then to think she can just waltz back to Phoenix and receive greetings like the Prodigal Daughter is more self-absorbed than even I can imagine. So, I have mentally vowed to be as absent as I possibly can during the week she's here.

I have a best friend David who's a sports enthusiast as the purchase of a new 58 inch TV specifically to watch the Super Bowl will attest. He's preparing a big party with plenty of food and of course, plenty of drinks. I'm not going because I've got a super cold, and I don't want to be around him when he's drinking too much. I'm sort of worrying about him because he has to attend AA meetings as part of his probation (he's received two DUIs in two years) and he has to take a urine test. I just don't want his test to be positive and get him in more trouble. But what can you do? He's a grown man.

Well, that's about it for now. Maybe a post later today after I clean the dishes, finish that mystery, vacuum and polish my toes.