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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We Have Kittens!

Well, they're not really ours per se, but we saw them last night in our backyard. My brother and I were out on the porch last night talking about things when he spotted two of them eating the fries I had thrown out earlier. We have several feral strays in the neighbourhood, one of them has been here for years, and with the absence of free reigning stray dogs, their population has grown, but three feral kittens is news indeed.
I immediately found an old Tupperware dish, filled it w/skim milk (that's the only milk we have in the house, don't judge me) and sat it out there to see if they would bite, or lap in this case. And they did! They gathered around the dish which was not that far from us on the porch and lapped milk until they were satisfied.

Tonight I'll buy a few jars of baby food for them and a container of whole milk to see if I can help fatten them up. I'd love to make them pets but I'm pretty certain my siblings will smother me w/a pillow if I do that. I'm a serious animal lover, the siblings? Not so much.

Yesterday during President Obama's stop here in Phoenix several protesters wore weapons during their demonstration. Oh, it's quite legal here to openly sport weapons, I guess it keeps the "Wild Wild West" image going. I don't know though. There are too many people around who could get hurt, why allow weapons at a protest anyway? Just another reason my neighbours have embarrassed me *sigh*. I'm sure I'll hear about it today from my colleagues in NY and FL. Yippee!


Blogger Jeni said...

One would think that at a forum which the President is attending, going to be the speaker, etc., that the Secret Service would request all those "packing" do an "unpacking" at the door. Yes, I know it is legal in Arizona to "pack" but still -doesn't the high security levels needed at a function like this take precedence?
Just a thought, ya know.
And as to the feral kittens, good luck there in feeding them and have fun watching them some more too! If you would really like a kitten, remember I offered I'd ship one to you -really fast too! Still have one of the litter left behind here so looks like this will be that baby's permanent home. Rats! Three cats in the house is two cats too many for me.

August 18, 2009 5:15 PM  
Anonymous Debo Blue said...

Jeni-I may take u up on that free kitten. If I move out:-)

Thank u for the beautiful email. You're completely awesome!!!!!!!

August 18, 2009 8:03 PM  
Blogger Dr Jenn said...

Debo - Jeni does give great E-mail! I can't believe you've been holding out on us about the cats. Cat blogging babe, cat blogging. ;)... It is now a requirement. Most of us do it about Friday but any day of the week is welcome! You can domesticate Feral cats you know, they make the best pets because they can be the indoor outdoor kind and they are great mousers!

August 24, 2009 6:01 AM  

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