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Monday, March 01, 2010

Culinary Apprentice

I've been sharpening my creative culinary skills which, being interpreted, means I haven't gone grocery shopping in a while and I have to use whatever's left in the cupboards or shelves. Today's lunch was a great feat even if I was the only one who thought so.

Regular readers know I'm a poor cook even though I love to cook. I love trying new recipes and adding twists to old standards. I love chopping vegetables, measuring ingredients, all of that. Unfortunately though, the end results are usually so bad even I won't finish it. Our neighbour's dog Psycho loves my cooking. His indiscriminate taste is rewarded weekly with leftovers thrown over the fence. Psycho's a pit bull and I'm terrified of him so his food is tossed to him rather than handed to him. But back to my cooking.

My cupboard's as bare as Mother Hubbard's and after a weekend of fast food and other bad-for-me foods I wanted to cook something good for me. Rummaging through the freezer gained a bag of tater tots. Searching the shelves netted a can of beef. I poured the beef atop the tater tots and added cayenne and black pepper. I noticed the beef didn't have enough juice to cover the tots so I decided to add leftover gumbo rue as additional sauce. Everything was placed in the oven for an hour et voilĂ !

While it's not the best or healthiest because of the carbs, I like it because it's economical and easy. And my brother ate some of it and didn't throw it back at me. I might try this again!


Blogger Jeni said...

Debo -What happens that you call yourself a "poor" cook? I don't usually mind cooking but sometimes, just don't want to do it or I'm bored, being lazy or ticked off. But I love casseroles -one-dish meals is my kind of cooking. Want some recipes? I rarely collect any type of recipe if it isn't easy, tasty and looks like I may have spent a long time fixing it but haven't. One of my favorites is Chicken Divan -my kids always loved it but the grandkids -not so much on the loving side but then too, they don't know what's good and what's not cause they usually won't try anything new either. Someday though -hopefully -they'll get brave and try new foods!

March 01, 2010 10:49 PM  
Anonymous Debo Blue said...

Jeni-I'll take any recipes you want to share. Especially if they're one dish meals. And really, it's not just ME knowing my food's pretty bad.

But in my defense I have to cook with less salt so to others the missing salt is their hangup.

And again, thank you for that thoughtful email.

March 01, 2010 11:02 PM  
Blogger fermicat said...

Sometimes the kitchen experiments turn into keepers! PDM is much better than I am at making something out of (nearly) nothing, and making it taste good.

March 02, 2010 2:50 PM  

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