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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Walk A Day In My Shoes-End

Here it is, the finale of my average day. This post is after work so it is a quick read.
End of day and I'm heading out for the day. Depending upon how tired I am I will either stop at the grocery store for food to cook for lunch or meet w/JT and Maria to debrief and enjoy a late supper.
Most times though I'm heading home to wind down and relax. The 45 minute ride home is usually reduced to 35 minutes because traffic is lighter than the morning capacity. And you know something: no matter how light traffic is there are STILL idiot drivers! Don't they ever sleep? Or take the side streets?
I always, always drive home in the far right SLOW TRAFFIC lane because I'm just moseying and still fools get behind me, tailgating and when I slow down (because I always slow down) they change lanes then get right in front of me. How much sense does that make?! These inbred sheep murderers have the whole freeway to themselves yet they wanna bother me. Hence our high instances of road rage-people just don't act right.
My music, if I'm in the mood is mostly 91.5, Phoenix' only jazz station. It's on the NPR station that plays jazz from 8p-3a, then straight talk radio the rest of the time.
I love that ride home because that's the time to review what I've done, what I missed, replay conversations and directions given or to congratulate myself for another day I didn't tell someone what I really think about them/their presentation/their comments/dress/hair/shoes/family portrait/class schedule/pet's illness/weight gain or loss.
The remaining three or four hours of the night I'm thinking about me or reading new books or mags. One of my girlfriends turned me on to a mystery series by David Handler: The Berger/Mitry mysteries. They're really quite good if you like easy reading and geographical detail about the Northeast.
Then, it's sleepy time and it starts all over again. And so far I'm pretty grateful.


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