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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Walk A Day In My Shoes-3

Here's my third installment of a day in my life. If you've just found me, I decided to detail as much as possible the events of my life in one day. Dr.S. told me this is the premise of the Fox show '24'. I've never seen '24', I stole the idea from a blogger who probably stole it from '24'. This post is my drive to work as well as the beginning of my work shift. Thanks for reading!

On an average day, it takes me approximately 45 mins to get to work. I have to take two freeways and a few major streets each day so I try to leave with enough time to spare. I'm a courteous and defensive driver and for the twenty years I've driven to this factory/plant I've seen a lot of changes. The number of freeways has expanded, the amount of cars on the freeway has grown. The one thing that hasn't changed is the number of idiots on the road with me at any given time. I've seen my share of accidents and am glad no one's run into me or vice versa thanks to God's grace and mercy.

I love music and always use the radio or CD or just belt out the songs myself. I'd love to have satellite radio but that's an expense I don't want right now. For the money they want each month I could save enough to buy that red Kenneth Cole tote.

Radio in Phoenix is not very good. We do have a classical station (89.5), smooth jazz (95.5), top 40 (99.9), old school R&b (104.3), lots of Country, hip-hop and plenty of Mexican stations. I mostly listen to 95.5 or 104.3. Today I listened to my newest CD of Andrea Bocelli.

Yesterday we had our first big winter storm and it's still raining today. Weather people say this storm will last 'til Saturday but I hope it goes on for a while. I absolutely love this weather but I don't like driving in it, especially 45 minutes but it's okay as long as people don't lose their minds and start driving like idiots. I'm not sure where we are on the list, but Phoenix ranks high on road rage incidents and even murder so I keep cool because nothing's worth my being hurt or killed because some d-bag wants to change into my lane.

Another change to my freeway driving is the AZ Dept of Transportation (ADOT) has placed speeding cameras in four areas on my route and all over the I-17, I-10, Loops 101 and 303 and 51. The first month alone, the cameras caught 40,000 motorists. ADOT says it's put up all the cameras to protect motorists but most of us agree they're trying to get money out of us.

I've come to cherish the driving time both to and fro because it gives me 45 minutes of unfettered, free time to just entertain anything that comes to mind. Sometimes I sing and pray, sometimes practice speeches, presentations or difficult conversations I have to have. Often times it's just me thinking. Thinking of what ifs. What I should've, could've would've done. My folks. My boss. Her boss. My church. My hair. My budget. The layoffs. Just thinking and planning and changing my mind then planning some more.

Finally, getting to work and having to pass the secured gates and hope I can find a near or close parking spot. It's a genuine drag having to walk almost three blocks to get to work but thankfully the parking lot's still full. I don't much mind the walk during winter months but not when it's 116 degrees and I have to walk on asphalt that's reflecting the sun's rays right into your eyes and face so that I'm drenched and shiny when I finally get into the air-conditioned building.

So this is day three. I'll be back with day four.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just to clarify one important point: the photo enforcement cameras were placed and are operated by the Arizona Department of Public Safety (AZ DPS). ADOT has no involvement in the program.

More information is available at http://photoenforcement.azdps.gov/


December 17, 2008 7:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Tim. I stand corrected.

How scary is it knowing ADOT's got web searchers trolling the lines?

Debo Blue

December 17, 2008 3:29 PM  
Anonymous Timothy Tait said...

:-) Nothing scary ... just Google Alerts!


December 17, 2008 6:56 PM  
Blogger Keith said...

C'mon now Debo. You forgot to mention 98KUPD (97.9) Arizona's Real Rock! My favorite station BTW.

Sounds like you have a pretty long commute to work. I also have to agree with you about the IDIOTS on the freeways around here. I see a lot of road rage on my commute also. I take the 101 North to the 202 West and get off at Priest Drive. Only 16 miles from my driveway to my parking spot. It takes me between 25 and 35 minutes, depending on time of day. It's usually worse in the afternoon on my way home.

If I find myself accidentally cutting someone off or something I just avoid eye contact. That way I can't actually see the gun pointing at my head :-)

I'm loving your day in the life series. Keep them coming.


December 17, 2008 7:38 PM  

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