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Monday, December 08, 2008

When Did I Get A Life?

Really, me. Miss-stay-at-home-nose-buried-in-book-or-magazine-seeking-tranquility-me. If I didn't know better, I'd say I was starting to get a life. It's just a phase I think. But here, you be the judge.

Because I know that I will be out of the office during the last two weeks of the month I've tried to complete any unfinished business including small projects and employee reviews. I won't say I've put in long hours last week, at least not any longer than average, it's just that I've had something to do before or after work that's kept me busy and pleasantly put off.

This weekend I picked up "Mooka" and "Butterfly" and along w/my sister we went shopping for Mooka's birthday gift. He turned nine last week and like his cousins before him, he was allowed to pick out any gift of his choice as long as it wasn't a weapon or crazy expensive. After he had made his choice, and after having me tease him about buying a baby doll, I said "Happy Birthday Mooka, I'm sorry I wasn't in town on your birthday to give this to you." He, still being at the age of innocence, grabbed me around my round belly and blurted out, "I missed you. I wanted to go to Vegas with you." Oh man, I was so tempted to buy him three more things but I controlled myself and my tears and hugged him back and kissed the top of his head and told him how much I missed him. Kids (sniff)...(sigh).

If the economists are worried that we the consumers aren't spending this year, they should have tracked shoppers at Macy's this weekend because there were lines of people at each service center, all over the store.

I went with the intent of buying bed linen because that's one thing I sorely need, especially in light of the upcoming move. Macy's was having this OneDaySale and I was able to get one sheet set and the other half price and the prices on their clearance items indicate they plan on moving that stuff out of their stores right into my bedrooms.

Later that night JT and I double-dated w/Maria and her husband. We went to this fantastic restaurant where we dined on duck terrine, pate, a cheese plate and I had to try butternut squash because I've never had it and Fermi piqued my interest. It wasn't bad but I don't think it's anything I'll try again. My main course was mahi-mahi over mashed potatoes and pan sauteed spinach. Luscious! JT had lamb shank that was so much better than my dish and he was gracious enough to share his w/me yum, yum!

The next morning, Sunday morning, I got the kids up, made a quick breakfast of bacon and scrambled eggs and off to church. My eldest youngest (?) niece joined us for church and later we went to Mooka's favourite restaurant-Pancho's all-you-can-eat.

It was a completely enjoyable day until...can you guess what may have ruined it for me? If you guessed the Cowboys/Steelers game you guessed right. How can we lead the WHOLE game three full quarters then lose it all?? It put me in a completely bad mood because I knew what would be waiting for me at work: a bunch of Cardinals and Steelers haters! I'm still screaming about that loss. Maybe I should just start watching ice skating instead of football (sigh)...(sigh). It could be worse, I could be a Titans fan (winking at Dr.S).

Last night after dropping the two kids off at their moms, which is 1.5 hours round trip, I decided I would power up the old laptop, light up my favourite candle, put on some tea and see how the rest of the world is living. Yeah, that was a good idea as I was driving back in to the city. What I couldn't have imagined is my sister had rented two movies and had to watch them before turning them back in. Why do people use RedBox? That's the biggest rip I know! I had to sit through this movie "The Shadowless Sword" or something like that when all I wanted was to relax and get a mindset for the upcoming week.

In all honesty though, the movie wasn't that bad, it's a copycat of the "Hidden Dragon" movies where all the women can swirl 30 pound swords and fly through the air while dodging bullets and those silver stars. The one feature that sets it apart from the others is this underwater fight scene. Other than that, I wouldn't advise you see it.

So, that's my week and weekend. Monday's already over and it was brutal. I wish the company had never warned of the layoffs because morale is so low and it's impacting productivity. If I didn't have to listen to four of my folks' worries, I listened to six. And two of them were peers! I just want this to be over so that we can move on w/our lives. But that's another post.

Take care of you.


Anonymous Amethyst said...

Awwww...isn't it great how children speak what's in their hearts!
You certainly had a busy weekend and the week hasn't even gotten into full swing yet!
I think it sucks that they dropped a bomb on your co-workers right before the holidays. But on the other hand if they are able to look at it from another perspective,it gives them time to make preparations and adjustments for what's ahead.

Then again, that's easy for me to say sitting here at my laptop without the prospect of losing my source of income hanging over my head.

I'll keep you and your staff in my prayers that you all continue to have the strength to deal with this tough period of time.

December 09, 2008 12:20 AM  
Blogger Jeni said...

True enough that knowing there is a high potential to be unemployed very soon and with the Christmas Season hard upon folks, perhaps it is better to know that possibility exists and then, maybe some won't go hog wild, buying the equivalent to items from the "Twelve Days of Christmas." Although, when I think about that, if it were my older daughter living under a gun like that, it probably wouldn't phase her all that much. As long as she has plastic, she still tends to get a tad carried away and forgets the bills come to haunt you come January -and the rest of the year too!
I can empathize with you about the Cowboys loss -my Redskins went down the tubes too!
Back to my embroidery now for a little while longer.

December 09, 2008 4:46 AM  
Blogger Keith said...

Sounds like you're busy. Make sure you take care of yourself too.

I LOVE Panchos. I just leave the flag up and tell them to keep bringing it! ;-)


December 09, 2008 7:39 AM  
Blogger fermicat said...

You tried butternut because of me? Awwww. It can be terrific, or kind of bland. It all depends on how it is cooked and seasoned.

Sorry about the Cowboys, but on the positive side I heard that Tashard Choice had a great game in his first start. He is a hard working and talented player who always gives it his all. We miss him at Tech!

December 09, 2008 8:57 AM  
Blogger Posolxstvo I said...

I will not ... NOT ... mention that I am a Steelers fan because if I do, I know you will never visit me again.

I will ask, however, how it is you came to be a Cowboys fan living where you do. I am sure there's a good reason for it, as there is for me being a Steelers fan when I live in Philly, and I would love to know what it is.

December 09, 2008 2:39 PM  
Blogger Leon Basin said...

Is there really such a thing as your own life... :)

December 10, 2008 1:51 PM  

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