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Sunday, September 13, 2009

In The Mood

Have you ever had one of those days when your emotions run the gamut from happiness and excitement down to nostalgic and sad then across to excitement and anticipation? That's what I've endured today.

Today began as an ordinary Sunday but rather than being excited about going to church (shhh), I was excited that regular football season started today AND the Cowboys' game would be televised in Phoenix! So off I go to church and I'm excited because the pastor is already up delivering her message and it's not even 10 o'clock! Then! Then I turn my iPhone to ESPN mobile and find out I can get play by play action! Shut up!

Now before you start tsk tsking me about watching the game in church, allow me to say I accidentally stumbled upon that ESPN site. I had read the Scriptures for today's sermon (Matthew 18:19) and just wanted to get a quick score update and bang! Play by play action. And Pastor's done and we're out of church by 10:45. This never happens! GOD LOVES ME!!

While I'm ordering lunch I get texted by my niece Michelle LeNair that her sister Anna's water broke and she's at hospital. This is bad news because the baby's not due for another two months. Her doctor wants to put her in hospital for the remainder of the pregnancy or at least in enough time for the baby's lungs to develop. The baby is a boy and Anna plans to name him Jeremiah.

Finally get home in time to watch the Dallas v Tampa Bay game. It's tense, back and forth in scoring drives but finally 'dem Boys break through, take the lead and stay there. I love 'dem Boys!!

I call and speak w/my aunt in Boise and she tells me she's leaving Boise for good. Her eldest son is coming this Friday to move her to Washington state. She's sure she won't be back to Boise to live because of her burgeoning health woes. She is our matriarch and we are all reeling from this change of events.

Tomorrow, although at the same company, I will begin reporting to a new Director. I will have ten persons reporting to me, about a third of them I've worked with before. I'm excited and scared about this new position. I know I'll get along just fine but those first day butterflies are swooping around in my stomach, even with everything that's happened today.

I love to sing. I love music, all types. I grew up on Gospel and Country, they are my first loves. No matter the emotion, I have a music type to fit it. Right now, there's this old Gospel song that seems fitting for everything that's happened today:

We cannot see in the future
We cannot see through dark clouds
We cannot see every pitfall
But we can march on by Faith each day.
On Monday, march on!
On Tuesday, march on!
Let Jesus be your guide.
He's able to carry the load
He can see way down the road
March on by Faith each day.

There's nothing I can do to help 'dem Boys win this season. The only thing I can do for Jeremiah and his mom is pray. There's nothing I can do help Aunt Mary because I can't stop time and its treacherous treatment of the human body. And the only thing I can do with this new team and boss is go in everyday working as hard as I can and doing the job as unto the Lord.

Everything else is in God's hands. He can see further down life's road than I can anyway.


Blogger Dr Jenn said...

Glad your one of your Aunt's is in better health, how is the other one?

Yea, been on the emotional roller coaster. LOL. Sounds like you had a busy day. I woke up with the intention of going to church today but Doc came home tired. I hate it when he comes home from work that wore out. I cuddled up with him for a minute and woke up about 9:10am. LOL. No room to go to church. I spent the day working on catching up on my studies from my traumatic week and housework (yesterday and today) and that is about it. I crawled back in bed with Doc about 3pm and that was my day. He went to work and then the night was about the same as the day. LOL.

September 13, 2009 11:04 PM  
Blogger Jeni said...

Yep - I know exactly what you mean about the days when your emotions run the gamut from soup to nuts!
Hope things work out for the best with your aunt as well as for the pending birth too. Difficult as it may be for your aunt to leave, at least it should give some peace of mind that she will be taken care of via the move. The Cowboys -well, you know my prayers are going to be counter-productive to yours in that respect. Gotta go with the Redskins (still) as well as the Black and Gold, men of Steel!
And the job -I have faith that you will deal with that change just fine and dandy!
Peace, Debo

September 13, 2009 11:04 PM  
Blogger Debo Blue said...

Dr.Jenn-the other aunt's progressing however her feet are in bad shape, both of them. The doctors want to amputate both of them but she says she's already lost her sight, she ain't going out all chopped up and messed up. So, we'll see what happens.

Jeni-thanks for the encouragement for the new job. I think this is why I'm still up, worrying about tomorrow when I can't change a thing. As far as the Steelers and Redskins---that's all I'm gonna say about it:-)

September 13, 2009 11:09 PM  
Blogger fermicat said...

Good luck with your new job responsibilities. I know you will do well.

I'm not a fan of pro football (just college), but you know I really love Tashard Choice and hope he has a great season for y'all.

September 15, 2009 7:58 PM  
Anonymous Debo Blue said...

Thanks Fermi. I used to be all into football ASU V UofA and USC and Washington. Somehow I got away from it.

September 15, 2009 9:53 PM  
Blogger Dr Jenn said...

you have an email (from the one listed on your profile here) from me at my MSN email addy.

Yea... It is about the post you disabled comments on. Cheer up!

September 27, 2009 12:51 PM  

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