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Monday, November 06, 2006

Will The Circle Be Unbroken?

"Will the circle be unbroken by and by Lord, by and by? There's a better home awaiting in the sky Lord, in the sky."
Life is so short and sometimes so fleeting that it's a complete and utter joy realizing all the friends and families we're blessed with that sometimes we take for granted or just don't understand how very fortunate we are.
I'm very fortunate to have folks who: love me, love being around me, pray for me rather than prey on me, look to me for comfort (this can also be attributed to my large round body) and find it, will let me call in the middle of the night to listen to my troubles. Most of these folk are my family, a few good friends (thanks Ester, David and Rachel) and others God's placed in my life. So when things change it can be pretty tough seeing the positive when your eyes are filled with tears.
Last week my pastor of 17 years died due to complications from surgery and pre-existing illnesses. This has left me scared and filled with so many questions. Should I stay at the church? What if I don't like the new pastor? What if the family sells the church and it no longer goes on? So many questions, so many things that have suddenly been thrust upon me!
I loved my pastor. He was frustrating, sometimes too conceited and arrogant (my opinion), a slave-driver, selfish, and tyrannical. He was also generous, forgiving, sensitive, loving, encouraging, a great listener, a wonderful advisor, helper of the poor and defender of the weak.
He loved his members and he loved the community but his love for God and His commandments outsized everything else. He believed in going to church, for praying in season and out, raising and spending money, traveling and taking the church body w/him. He would encourage anyone to sing, even if they couldn't sing (does this include me?). There are so many people out there who owe so much to Pastor because he was very willing to help anyone with an important cause.
I'm going to miss his jubilant hollers when the Spirit hit him. I'm going to miss his humour and bullying. I'm going to miss his prescence and his love. Most of all I'm going to miss his love that I took for granted for 17 years.
In memorium of Pastor Arthur Strong, Sr. My pastor, my brother and my friend.


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