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Monday, October 09, 2006

No One Wants to Be Held Accountable

I'm still shaking my head in disbelief over the whole Senator Foley mess and all the excuses he keeps coming up with being a pedophile and pervert. First the pages led him on. Then he did it because he's an alcoholic. Then it's because he was sexually molested by priests when he was young. Now he's come out of the closet. Foley, you're a sicko and you should be locked up. If I were the parent of the involved pages, I'd be finding some high profile lawyer and quick!
Someone else who doesn't want to be held accountable are parents of bad kids. No one wants to be a parent anymore! Everyone wants to be a friend, buddy and pal. Listen, your bad children need to be disciplined and taught morals. Last week we saw so much school shootings and killings. Today a kid walks into his school with an AK! How in the heck can a 15-yr old get his hands on an AK? Not only should that kid be locked up a good long time, his parents should also do time for allowing him access to that type of powerful weapon. The police say the kid had a whole bunch of weaponry instructions w/him. How come his parents didn't know about this stuff? I agree w/Madea when she says she goes through backpacks and everything else young children have in her house because she wants to make sure she knows what they're doing.
You hear all the time people not wanting to be responsible for their acts. "It's not my fault I was driving drunk. The bar should have stopped allowing me to drink." You're right, the bar should have thrown you out the first minute you slurred your words when ordering another drink. "No one told me eating out at fast food restaurants would give me a 500lb butt!" Sorry hon, everybody knows supersizing meals will also supersize your dress size, shoe size, panty size and coffin size. "My son can't read because of the poor curriculums at public school." No, darling, Jr. can't read because you've bought him all those Xbox games and when he should be studying he's playing video games.
Ultimately, we're each going to be held accountable for where we spend eternity. We're going to have to tell God the reasons we weren't faithful, just and holy when we see Him on That Day. What are you going to tell Him? Tell Him you've been dancing on the ballroom floor and couldn't take time out to save your soul? Will you tell Him you were gambling and couldn't throw away the dice? You couldn't take time out to save your life? Maybe you'll tell Him you were too busy going to the ball games, running w/Jane, Kate and Scott to slow down and read His Word?
People, the ultimate responsibility for making it in lies with you. No one else. So when He calls you and you're standing before Him, remember I told you so.


Blogger Pea said...

AMEN!!!!! Yo... this is not good... i'm shouting at 3am! everyone's asleep. anyway, this reminds me of a blog i did about Cotton Candy that got deleted! I still have it somewhere.. but man, you are spot on. God bless you! Society is a hot mess - pretty soon we'll be getting arrested for blogging about such stuff. And AMEN for disciplining our children... a little whack on the behind didn't kill nobody! But God is raising up accountable soldiers. The Christ-loving warriors are shadowed, for now, by the Foleys and funny other characters. wow... this has blessed me big time! God is good!

October 14, 2006 12:18 AM  

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