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Friday, March 24, 2006

My Very First Time

Wowie wow, look at me! Here I am creating a blog all by myself. I wonder if I'll get many viewers, wonder what I need to do to bring traffic to my site. Wonder why I think I really need all this attention, wonder why people would read me rather than read blogs full of filthy words, thoughts and actions. Hum, maybe people will read me because we're surrounded by negativity all the time and we need a relief sometimes to wind down w/interesting, thought-provoking and humourous reading. I think until I become better at designing this I'll just keep it light and simple. I mean hey, I'm one of those women who don't mind asking for help AFTER she's tried all she can:-)

I'll introduce myself, in order of my importance. I'm a black woman, COGIC born & reared, educated, with a great sense of humour, devoted to her family, music loving, 40-something, life-threatening obesity suffering, loves to travel, adventurous, generous to a fault, impatient w/immaturity and intolerance, quintessential best friend.


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