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Monday, October 16, 2006

This is Too Much! Weird News and Other Absurdities

Ran over this stuff at MSNBC.com, my favourite hangout when I'm not reading your blogs. Seems famous people are really just as crazy as the media portrays them. Mind you, I'm not a true believer of everything I read or hear from the hundreds of thousands of tv shows dedicated to broadcasting every private act celebrities commit. I'm not ashamed to admit that I watch less than 3 hours of television per week. Primarily because I don't see many characters that look like me (short, Black, fat, educated, working professional, not a drug user or homewrecker, no sassy-hand-on-hip-I-mean-business gal), most of the shows are about doctors, hospitals, doctors in hospitals, people who work for hospitals, people who are thin, blond and wildly successful before age 35. In my world, many of the people are overweight, they have to work long hours for minimum pay, some of them have to catch the bus to work and they're older than 35 and still not managers and judges and Unit Leaders. But enough of my viewing preferences.
I see Madonna's decided to follow Angelina Jolie's lead and adopt an African bambino. Does this mean adopting Black kids is the new accessory? Wow. Anyway, the baby's daddy wants his child back. Madonna's having baby daddy drama, hee hee.
Then I hear Mike Tyson's out on tour and says he'll fight women. What? He wasn't paid enough when he was pushing Robin Givens through walls and over chairs? Please Mike, go back into hiding like you were and leave us good citizens alone. Freak.
Did anyone watch the "60 Minutes" interview with the alleged Duke rapists? Neither did I. This is one of those stories as old as time and it will never change. Unless that girl had someone tape what happened, we'll never know who's telling the truth. I will admit when I first heard the story and found out she was a dancer, I thought "Oh well, that's what you get when you make a living dancing nude for drunken men." And because she didn't take anyone w/her to watch for her made me think she was lying. But then, the more I thought about it, the more angrier I became. I believe that a woman, no matter her profession, should be protected from being raped, beaten and robbed. So I don't know which side is wrong. I do know that those boys will now have this rap follow them for a long time. But hey, they're young and rich, something tells me they'll survive this.
Finally, pet owners were suckered into paying $4k to have Fido and FiFi become famous. When it didn't happen, they sued. Wow. You actually think your pet is worth $4k for training to become famous? Maybe you should send me $4k, I'll make you AND your animal famous!
'Night all!


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