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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Seeing the Ghosts of My Past

I keep seeing ghosts. I see them while I'm driving. I see them in the morning after awaking. I see them at my job and sometimes I hear them speaking when I'm all alone.
I've never been afraid of ghosts and spirits because we were brought up believing God was a Spirit and if we got saved we'd be filled w/the Holy Ghost. And all the Bible stories talked about ghosts and spirits and other beings walking the earth and such.
I don't see very many movies and none of those I see are the horror type and I don't read horror fiction. I think the only Stephen King I ever read was about the end of time and how the world would be divided between good and evil. The evil people went to Vegas, the good went to see an old Black lady who lived in a corn field. Thanks Steve for keeping Black people in the fields.
I tried to read that 'Vampire in Paris' book but could only muster enough strength and interest to read two chapters. So being scared of ghosts was never a problem for me. These ghosts I'm seeing are those people that lived, or they're short pieces of my memory.
I keep thinking I've seen a childhood friend who died two years ago. I thought I saw her crossing the street and I got spooked because she looked so much like her. About two Sundays ago I thought I saw two old Mothers who have been gone so long I still don't know why I did a double take when I thought I saw them walking into the church.
And my dreams lately have been filled w/the dead. My grandfather and father. My uncle Al. Each time, although the dreams are different they have the same theme...leaving for a trip or traveling. Some of the dreams about my father are violent-we're arguing back and forth or I'm hitting him. Something I'd never do in this lifetime. My grandfather's always in a car waiting for me to take him somewhere. Uncle Al just shows up and is waiting, not say much, just waiting.
Now I know what you're thinking-don't eat so much before going to bed. You know that I'm still on this diet so the heaviest food I've eaten by bedtime is yogurt or dry cereal. It could be because I'm under a bit of stress at work. I have a new boss, my team's performance is low, our new VP wants the heads of every low performer and I'm still waiting for approval for WLS.
It also could be because I'm just missing old times. Who knows? I'm just hoping the ghosts will go back to where they belong and out of my head.


Blogger Pea said...

i'm trying to comment and blogger keeps saying your blog can't be found... what's that about? the black people in the fields thing was funny... i love the way you write. promptly linking you to my blog. God bless!

October 14, 2006 12:10 AM  
Blogger Jamela said...

I too see spirits. In fact, I have one in my home now. Strangely enough, from day one of moving into my house, I have not been afraid of him. I too attribute that strength to knowing the POWER of the Blood of Jesus! And the spirit that is in my house knows not to mess with that! Now, the Deacon on the other hand is SCUUURRRED! LOL. Honey, he hears “George” as I call him and FREAKS OUT! I just laugh and tell him “don’t worry, he isn’t going to do anything to you.” However, he is NOT trying to hear that! LOL. He can’t sleep when George makes his presence known……

August 10, 2011 10:55 AM  

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