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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

With All Due Respect to Donovan McNabb's Mother

I got my feelings hurt today. Really hurt! Here I was going through my day thinking I was looking particularly fly. Hair all done and shining, had polished my shoes, took a bit of extra time w/the makeup (thin layer of Clinique foundation in #50, Hard Candy eye shadow on lids, Clinique bronzer on the cheeks and forehead, Clinique glosswear lipgloss in #406, seventeen layers of Volumptuous mascara), I was looking GOOD!
After surviving another day of the twenty-five minute commute with Vickie Winans blasting from all five speakers, found a pretty good parking space that was walkeable (long time readers know I've lost about 32 lbs and can walk a lot better than a year ago), the weather's fine, Vickie Winans' "He loves me" is still in my head and I'm enjoying Jesus, hallelu!
So I get into the office and I'm still on my little high. Smiling at everyone, just glowing. One of my peers has a gorgeous friend who sometimes stops by to shoot the breeze and test my football knowledge. This man could be talking about anything, I wouldn't care as long as he's looking at me and talking to me (sigh). So, we're talking and laughing about whatever and Gorgeous Guy tells his friend, my peer-"she reminds me of Donovan McNabb's mother."
Boy did I have to inhale and exhale quickly. Don't get me wrong, Donovan's momma looks good too, but I thought I was looking GOOD! And not like somebody's momma either. We carried the joke along and I pretended to be pretending to be angry. But that remark really stung!
Actually, that comment did two things: 1)it made me realize that Gorgeous Guy is coming over to talk shop because I am really one of the guys, and 2)it poured cold water on any kind of delusions I may have had about being attractive to these guys. Now I find myself liberated from having to quickly reach for my lipgloss whenever I see GG approaching. I know now he's coming just to talk shop and nothing more. This doesn't mean I won't still pull out the makeup. 'Cause I know I look good w/my fat butt!
Speaking of Donovan McNabb, how long will it take for him to move out of Terrell Owens' shadow? Why do sportscasters still talk about Owens when discussing Donovan? Leave Owens in hell where he is and let's give more lip service to the great Mr. McNabb. Wonder if Donovan likes big women?


Blogger Pea said...

hahahaha!! donovan mcnabb's mother.. took me a while to remember who donovan mcnabb is. hey, forget them... you WERE looking fly. my pals think i'm crazy when i say big is beautiful but i really believe it. keep keeping on!! stay fly.. bless you.

October 19, 2006 10:20 AM  

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