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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #2

My thirteen biggest weaknesses (in no particular order).
1. Lay's limon potato chips.

2. Lay's plain potato chips used to dip cottage cheese that's been mixed with a whole lot of freshly ground pepper.

3. Gored Gored from my favourite Ethiopian restaurant.

4. Buying leather totes, purses and organizers from Coach, Swiss Army, Dooney & Burke.

5. iTunes-I've had my 4 gig iPod for less than a year and I'm already planning to upgrade to a 30 gig next month. My Christmas present to myself.

6. Buying music from Walmart.

7. Buying music from Amazon.com.

8. Buying music from BestBuy.com. I'm seeing a trend. See now why the 30 gig is needed?

9. Buying clothes and accessories for my seven month old niece. Everything for little girls is so adorable!

10. The warm goat cheese salads from "Cheesecake Factory".

11. WWE Smackdown. Love me some Batista and "King Booker".

12. NFL football. Too many of those to love, but Dallas is my favourite.

13. Loaning (read giving away) money to my family.


Blogger BluJewel said...

i was hysterically laughing at your comment to my story. the disclaimer was there, but i do apologize if you were still ill prepared to handle the content. (lol)

i like your list because 13 id my fav #. I also like your references to music as i am a music afficiando myself. i sold my 20 gig for a 30 gig a while back and am now currently considering an 80 gig even though my 30 still has plenty of room left. i'm currently up to 4,000+ songs & videos.

oh, and i have twin neice/nephews whom i'm trying not to buy things for and will have a new godson in march. the kids are going to KILL my wallet.

Anyway, have a blessed day.

November 16, 2006 10:15 AM  
Blogger Barb said...

I love music toooo!

November 16, 2006 4:03 PM  
Blogger Debo Blue said...

Blu-I completely read the disclaimer but I thought, "Hey, I'm an adult!" Great writing on BOTH sites. For the nieces, nephews and godchildren try Gymboree.com, and Target. The quality's better.

Barb-glad you're not giving up your dayjob (giving me something to read and think about each day). I'm having trouble w/Neoearth. Shall I restart it?

November 17, 2006 10:31 PM  

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