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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I Should Have Known Better

Tonight at work some of my peers and I were gathered reading election results as they updated on the web. One thing led to another and, you know how this happens, we began talking about the propositions that were winning and the tightly followed senate race. Most of all we were talking about the ballots that dealt with human services to illegal aliens and smoking bans in both restaurants and bars.
At first we were all behaving, being polite and courteous to each other but, as we all know how contentious conversations become when discussing politics and religion. I innocently brought up my very conservative views on some of the issues at hand, and my peers began to shoot me down like one of those skeet shooters.
So, I got a bit upset because I'm entitled to my opinion, right? I'm not out there pushing my beliefs and religion down anyone's throats BUT THEY ASKED didn't they? I should have known better than to walk into that viper's nest. I should have kept my mouth shut or filled it w/dinner.
Now we're really going at it and one of the guys suddenly announces he didn't vote anyway so there's no reason he should get upset.
What???!!!! We're doing all this debating that turns into arguing and you now decide to tell me you didn't vote? Why did you waste everyone's time complaining about the ballots, and the candidates when you didn't have enough gumption to make your voice heard?
When will we Americans stop taking our rights for granted and vote? So many countries around the world would love to be able to vote and live in a democratic country. Have you seen pictures of the people in the Congo and the lines they had to wait in to vote? They see how precious voting is and treat it as such.
Okay, I'm off my soapbox. We hugged (some of us) and made up. I'll never talk politics at work again. Life's too short!


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