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Thursday, September 13, 2007

All Around The World, The Same Song

Here's a new concept, started by fellow bloggers, Vic Grace, from British Columbia and Jeni. As we are all aware, blogging does give us the opportunity to reach out and yes, "touch someone" by our words, pictures, links in our blogs and by our comments to fellow bloggers as well.Think about this - in a world today that is too often filled with news of wars all over the world, fears about terrorism, following newspaper and tv news reports about crime, gangs, and you name it of all the bad things we hear about everyday, wouldn't it be a wonderful thing if we, each of us blogging in our own little space, could actually spread the word through friendship and help, through that little bit of effort, to bring people together, united in a common goal of international friendship?

If you like this concept - and who wouldn't, really - then add this badge to your sidebar, along with the link Vic has provided there. Then copy the text below and put this into a post on your blog. Follow that by tagging other bloggers to start sending this message around the world- hopefully, in less than 80 days too!

A good way for a blog to get established is to have backlinks. All you have to do is copy this post with the list of links below and add your link at the end.As others do the same we get the word out about a lot of great blogs. Eventually we may circumnavigate the globe.

That’s it, then just sit back, and watch the links grow, over time.
That's it folks! That's all you have to do to take part in the friendliest effort yet in the blogosphere!

Here now are the bloggers I am tagging to help get this movement on its way.Vic Grace at "Cariboo Ponderer"

Jen at "Creatif"

The Meloncutter at "Meloncutter's Musings"

Sognatrice in Calabria,

Smalltown RN at "A Place I Call Home"


Blogger CaRo said...

How are you? it's been a long time since I posted in my blog, and visit some others blogs, like yours. Here I am, I wish you good luck!


September 14, 2007 4:57 PM  
Blogger Jeni said...

Debo -glad to see you put in with the rest of us "global warmers" and here's hoping we can ring the globe now with the message. Sure can't hurt anything, can it?

September 15, 2007 1:18 AM  
Blogger Debo Blue said...

Caro-hola! Hace mucho tiempo que no escribas. Andele pues!

Jeni-I completely forgot about it 'til Empress did hers. Then I couldn't get it to set right so here it is.

September 15, 2007 10:05 AM  

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