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Thursday, April 19, 2007

This Time Next Year

I know, I know. The time to make resolutions is January 1st but this past week I've had time to reflect on my life and some of things I'd like to change. So just for thought, here are some resolutions I'm gonna try to keep for next April. Don't judge me.

This time next year:
*I will have lost 300 pounds because my sister who came to stay "just a few months" will have finally moved out!

*I will have saved approx $2k because all of my nieces will have received their MBA and seminary degrees and I will no longer have to support their nasty habits (books, materials, rent etc).

*I will have organized my closet to actually able to see the closet floor. No more will I just throw everything in and close the door. I will also have found a home for all the families of rodents and critters who continue to make their home in my closet.

*I will have finally understood why my best friend can't go to a seafood restaurant because of her allergies to seafood but can eat spicy eel sushi.

*I will have saved enough for a good bed. Although I'm gonna miss "Ole Lumpy", I know that my back, neck, knees, hips and arms will thank me for not having to climb up and over to get out of bed every morning.

*I will have broken the spell my 1-year old niece has placed me under since her birth. This might very well be the only one I'll have trouble maintaining.

I know one thing, I will never understand the escalating violence that surrounds each of us everyday. People talk about how different we are, but more and more the one commonality between all of us-Canadian, American, English, Asian, Hispanic, European, Italian, African-is the violence that continues to permeate our society. So, I'll just wish each of you a great year ahead, full of love, peace and joy! Happy New Year!


Blogger Jeni said...

You are so right on the last paragraph. We all do have so much more in common than we have in differences.
And, are you going to keep everyone posted as to how you are doing with your resolutions here?
Good luck! LOL

April 20, 2007 7:00 AM  

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