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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Smart Me

Okay, this will probably cause an overwhelming desire to roll your eyes and think, "This woman really doesn't have a life, does she?" Well, roll them if you must, but I'm sitting here in 90-degree weather feeling very pleased with myself. You see, today I discovered that shopping with coupons and buying only items that are on sale will indeed help you lower grocery costs. Now here's where the post gets boring....here are my items purchased today:

4 lbs of grapes at .88cents per lb
Jennie-O ground turkey (BOGO)
Apple Jacks cereal (BOGO)
Sobe drinks at $1 each (bought about 6)
Arizona tea @ $1 each (bought about 6)
5 lbs of ground beef at $1.98 per lb
Pkt of six chicken breasts (skinless/boneless)
Vitamin C & Iron (BOGO)
Chicken broth 4 cans at .75 cents each
Chewing gum $1 each (bought 2)
Northern tp. We normally use Charmin but it wasn't on sale.
Phoenix magazine
Broccoli crowns at .99 cents per lb
Cauliflower (forgot price)

I saw this lady on one of the local morning shows boast about how much money she routinely saves by using coupons and only buying sale items and decided to try it myself. So, packed with the sale circular and a grocery list, I headed to my local Safeway grocery store and purchased above-listed items, saving a whopping $60 bucks! Yeah, I know some of you will say Wal-mart would probably still beat those prices but when you add up the additional gas to get to my nearest Wal-mart, find a parking space, wander around the store trying to find everything then waiting 20-30 minutes just to check out, you'll agree I saved money and time.

And I'm feeling smart and very pleased with myself.


Blogger Dave said...

Keep at it. I've tried to shop smart but lack the discipline.

October 06, 2008 10:13 AM  
Blogger Posolxstvo I said...

Debo -- I hope my picture helped you through your day. I have a lot more, by the way. Taking random pictures of the sky and landscapes is a sort of an accidental hobby of mine. Thanks for stopping by.

My wife and I long ago stopped using coupons for one reason -- they never have coupons for what we buy. We used to get the Sunday paper for the coupons and the funnies, and we could never even recoup the cost of the newspaper with the coupons we could use.

Shopping smart doesn't require coupon use though. What it requires is good simple math skills, not over or under buying, and not getting lured in by the brand names you don't need or the impulse purchases they stick right by the register to hook ya.

Not using a credit card helps too. can't spend what you don't have that way.

October 06, 2008 1:01 PM  

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