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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Ode To My Falling 401k

Autumn has come
Nights are cooler
Leaves are falling
Just like the value of my 401k.

Sleeves will become longer
Sandals will be left behind
Sweaters will be repaired
Just like the next few years of my 401k.

The holidays are coming
And the AZ State Fair
Shorts will be put away and remembered
Just like the previous amounts of my 401k.

Time to start planning Halloween decorations
Voting on Halloween themes at work
Time for endless consumption of candy and sweets
And the occasional sleeping pill because I can't stop wondering if I'm gonna end up homeless and broke because experts are now warning that mutual funds and money market accounts are not as iron clad as previously perceived.

Okay, so it doesn't rhyme or match
Maybe after today's Congressional vote I'll have more to cheer about.


Blogger sarala said...

One day I can be happy I never got the 401K started.
Funny post. Falling leaves, falling retirement and all.

October 06, 2008 7:09 AM  

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