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Monday, December 11, 2006

Monday Musings

I wonder how Condoleeza Rice is doing.Where will she spend Christmas eve? Will she have a secret Santa? Is she completely surrounded by Secret Service every hour? Does she have regular girlfriends who sit around talking about hair, makeup and stuff like that?
I know she's no mythical creature, that she's just a normal woman like me but I sometimes feel bad for her because she's always getting beat up on by the press, the black community and now James Baker.
The press, like it does everyone else reports on her style of clothes, whether she's dating anyone, her awkwardness with being relaxed and open during interviews, everything. The black community scolds her for being a Bushite, for being conservative and for believing the Bush department did everything it could for Katrina victims.
Essence magazine did an interview with her and showed this picture of her looking out the window. I suppose from her office. I'm sure the picture was supposed to make it seem she's in a tower far removed from the rest of us, it made me think she was thinking, "when will this be over?"
She has no family except for an aunt and cousins scattered about the country, and I know she is a member of a group of chamber musicians. Face it, the girl is one of the most recognized women in the country, if not the world but I'm just worried about her. Now I'm certain there are those out there who will think I shouldn't worry about a successful, rich politician but I do.
Why does being sick feel so crappy? I'm home today because I'm not feeling well and just don't want to have to heave my fat butt out of bed, shower, get dressed, drive on that crazy freeway for 25 minutes, spend five to ten minutes looking for a parking space, squeeze through the security turnstiles that were not designed for the obese, then sit at my desk and be run upon by my folks who need help with this or that. Today I'm staying in, studying for my upcoming Final and just getting better.
Being Too Safe? Last week I did the Misgivings List (dated 12/5) over at Blu's and scored a whopping 85. Some of those people scored as high as 1400 and NONE scored lower than 300. Except me. Am I really THAT good and safe? I blame my parents for this.
When I was being reared, my parents told me I had to live as if.....
  • As if Jesus would return any moment. Would I really want to be found by Jesus having sex with a married man/married woman/maried couple/being in the room while someone's having sex?
  • As if I were in an accident and had to go to the hospital. Would I want the people to undress me and I'm wearing holey, raggedy underwear or I haven't bathed or my feet stink?
  • As if the world or weak Christians would see my doings then judge all Christians by my actions. "Ye are the salt of the earth." As if these big name preachers and all these immoral others haven't done enough to taint the name of Christianity.
  • I was grateful for my job. If God blessed me with a good job I am supposed to be a good servant and have a strong work ethic. This hasn't hurt me and has given me somewhat of a good reputation at work. But, it hasn't helped me that much either except my bosses now they can depend on my to not lie on my timesheet, have my work done and updated and that working more than 40 hours won't make me pout.

So what's bad about being safe? I don't think anything. Besides, everybody loved Mary Poppins, didn't they?


Blogger Skittles said...

The first time I saw Rice was when she was the key note(?) speaker at the convention. She showed as much dignity as Obama did some years later.

Funny, I worry about people, too. Like I know how terribly unpopular Bush has gotten with the war dragging out.. but still. Don't you know in his private moments he feels really bad?

Yes, I love Mary Poppins :)

December 11, 2006 7:56 PM  
Blogger C said...

you are so not wrong for scoring low. Some people are more willing to do or try things than others and there's nothing right or wrong about it. It's all about choices. I've done or been exposed to a lot of things in my day, hence my high score...lol


December 13, 2006 4:17 AM  

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