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Friday, December 08, 2006

All I Want For Christmas

Every year at Christmas and my birthday I buy myself presents. Not because I don't have friends or family who will buy the things I want. Rather I buy myself gifts because they are personal things I want, sort of a reward if you will. This year is no different. At my last birthday I bought myself Armani Code cologne, Sheer Veil cologne and body lotion, restocked on Clinique and Bath & Body Works necessities, bought new shades of MAC and bought myself a new HP notebook.

And every year at Christmas and my birthday I send detailed lists of what I want because I believe if people insist on buying me gifts, I should be accomodating enough to give them information on what to buy. I mean think about it, if you know someone's gonna spend their hard earned bucks on you, shouldn't you help them out with ideas? This prevents them from buying worthless items that may be re-gifted or returned.

This Christmas I've done something I don't ever remember doing: I've not sent a list and I don't intend on sending a list. I have sooooooooo many things that I don't need anything else. Now if you're expecting me to advise my friends and family to make donations in my name to a charitable fund you're going to be disappointed. Just 'cause I'm not sending a list doesn't mean I don't want anything. This year if people ask, I'll request gift cards-the most well-tailored gift item on the planet.

I love gift cards for lots of different reasons:
>they always fit
>they're my favourite colours
>I don't have to worry if the item is a re-gift
>the stores they're from are almost always online which enables me to shop anytime of the day and night.

This year my Christmas gift(s) to myself will be an iPod surround sound system, a digital camera and the most important gift ...paying off a Dept store card. I actually did this tonight. I went in and paid it down to $20 bucks which I will pay off next month. I want to start the year off with one less bill and one less worry and I've successfully done that. This leaves one credit card open and that's used for emergencies only. What better gift (other than a medical physical) to oneself-financial peace of mind and a working plan to reduce/eliminate debt.

Hope your holiday season has kicked off to a good start and you're considering a plan to reduce debt. I'm off in search of my iPod system, enjoy your weekend.


Blogger Skittles said...

The last few years, now that all my kids are adults, we've been exchanging wish lists. We all know pretty much what we're going to get, but you're right. Why waste hard-earned money on something they might have to exchange.

Way to go on paying that credit card down!

December 09, 2006 9:49 AM  

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