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Friday, June 08, 2007

Work/Life Balance

End of a busy week, the beginning of a busy weekend. Sometimes the lines for being busy disappear and just become busy. I like being busy w/work more than I like being busy w/my work life because there I'm only busy 45-50 hours a week whereas in my personal life I don't have as much control.

At work I can allow the phone to go to voicemail. I can schedule or ignore meetings. I have people that I delegate tasks. At work I can walk away from the cube that is my desk and leave for a few minutes to an hour without being missed.

At home I'm enduring church services, grocery shopping, family meals, community work. During the week I don't have travel issues because I work 'off-hours' so I'm never in rush hour traffice so during my time off whenever plans are to meet after 5p, I'm stuck in traffic, pondering my place in the universe.

It used to be my work life and my personal life never intertwined. I was always a pro at leaving work at work. Now though, I've been awarded more responsibilities and more deadlines which require me lugging home my work laptop and working from home-on my days off. I'm very good at limiting how much work-at-home I do because I've got to go to church, meet for dinner, etc.

I guess the alternative would be being overworked and having NO personal life. I'll ask you, are you more busy with work or with life?


Blogger Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

well being retired, hmmm, let me see??? first i have no people to delegate to (well sarge, but he doesn't count cause he doesn't listen to me), then i have all those naps to take and we know how much time that takes! then, let's see, well, that's about it i guess. not too busy here, buy lovin' and livin' life!

smiles, bee

June 08, 2007 12:21 PM  

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